Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Such a Gorgeous Day!

A painting I bought years ago from a cafe, without Mychelle knowing I was the buyer!
The Tangerine Bird has travelled to many of my houses!

I was spoilt today....we went on an adventure to my friend Mychelle's beautiful home. I'm in love with her home, and not just this one, but each one I've known her to have. She's just the most amazingly beautiful creature, calm mother, happy wife and fantastic gardener. And she's an artist. A Real Artist. She made me a gift for my birthday, and even though my birthday is another two weeks away, she couldn't help herself but give it to me over morning tea...

The dining area with Scott's turtle creation on the wall - more detail below!

My birthday present - notebook holder and purse, made by Mychelle.
She also made the fruit bowl using doilies pressed in clay, but gave this to me years ago.

Her morning teas - no, her Meals in general - are amazing. Mychelle has been very food conscious since I've known her, and is really super healthy in her eating habits and often is lucky enough to be eating directly out of her own garden for nearly every meal, I'm sure. These pictures of her garden are mainly from the front of her house, and this is on a suburban size block. Amazing fruits and vegetables combine to create a food forest of fun, that Ethan and I explored with amazement every time we have visited. We left today with a bag of treats - snow peas, beans and broccoflower to munch on when we got home. We had the most wonderful salad for dinner, full of yummy green goodness!

The garden from the front gate

A true woman of finders-creaters-keepers kind of attitude, Mychelle and her husband Scott make an amazing couple, with art - their own art - on nearly every door, wall and surface. Projects of all shapes and sizes, stages and inventions of prototype are like a labyrinth of awesomeness throughout the house, which feels like a real, welcoming home of treasures. Mychelle has a passion for textile design, sewing and so many other things that I can never wait long to see her and find out what her newest creations are! I hope you like this little look around their home and please comment at will about what you see!

Ethan about five minutes after we left Mychelle's.
No doubt, with these images in his head...

A whale, same method as the turtle below....

Scott's Turtle up close -it's 3D, and awesome!

A couch Mychelle painted a while ago, one of my favourite things.

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