Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ah, planning ahead rocks!

I had a huge big cookup a couple of weeks ago, which has resulted in my ability to be lazy as I feel for at least the next week. During that cookup, I made a huge amount of lasagne and freezed about 3/4 of it. And some of that is what me and the kids just had for lunch.

*Burp* 'scuse me.

Total spend today : Zero.

Proud of My Self...

Man, I am so proud of myself. I just beam when I think of it. Yesterday, I was in a shopping panic, as I had decided to buy some recipe software for my computer. I finished work early enough to take my son out to the shop.

Well, the nice assistant at X's store recommend I look for some recipe software for free on the internet, as they didn't stock any at the time. So I left, with my trusty $40 still intact. Then I stopped in at a stationary/office supply store and considered buying some accounting software...but thought well, if they have recipe stuff for free, maybe there'll be some accounting stuff for free $40 was still safe.

On the way home I considered buying us some takeaway,as it would just be so quick and eeeeaaassy, no? Well, then I remembered that after I did my pantry stocktake last weekend, I have ample food for at least a fortnight (not including fresh fruit, but still), and decided we would have oven-baked fish fillets and while they were cooking I made a super simple coleslaw and a side salad.

Yet again, my total spending for the day....Zero Dollars.

I'm patting myself on the back for them ones!

Monday, January 26, 2009

What an easy day...

You've gotta love it when 25% of your day's workload doesn't show up huh?!

We were supposed to have four children to care for today (including my son), and one hasn't shown up! Bliss! So right now I'm listening to the sounds of silence while the three who are here sleep away the afternoon.

Hope that your day is equally lovely and easy!

Oh, today was a No Spend day! I am sooo pleased about that. Yesterday I forgot was a public holiday, so forgot to grocery shop for the week (only did my fruit and veg on sunday at the farmers' market). Turns out, after doing a pantry/fridge/freezer stocktake, I don't need to go anywhere near the shops until at least next week, because the amount of food I have stocked up here is Ridiculous! I've even managed a two-week menu plan out of it. Very proud of my new frugal-mindedness paying off already!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good Morning!

Another day, another fifty cents hey?! Here in Whiney Fairy land I am hoping to not spend that money all year! Like many, I am aware that we are heading in to hard times, and am trying very hard to keep money in my wallet more and more every day. I'm having a no-spend day today, and considering I forgot today was a public holiday it might well be a no-spend WEEK! Can't go grocery shopping today, so going to 'make do' with what is already in my fridge and pantry! We had left over vegie muffins for breakfast today, and hopefully I'll rustle up some recipes today that will keep all week for the kids I look after (and my own son).

Wish me luck!