Monday, January 26, 2009

What an easy day...

You've gotta love it when 25% of your day's workload doesn't show up huh?!

We were supposed to have four children to care for today (including my son), and one hasn't shown up! Bliss! So right now I'm listening to the sounds of silence while the three who are here sleep away the afternoon.

Hope that your day is equally lovely and easy!

Oh, today was a No Spend day! I am sooo pleased about that. Yesterday I forgot was a public holiday, so forgot to grocery shop for the week (only did my fruit and veg on sunday at the farmers' market). Turns out, after doing a pantry/fridge/freezer stocktake, I don't need to go anywhere near the shops until at least next week, because the amount of food I have stocked up here is Ridiculous! I've even managed a two-week menu plan out of it. Very proud of my new frugal-mindedness paying off already!

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