Saturday, March 21, 2009

I can't just keep eating....can I?

Hello lovely people. I'm sorry that this post is not taking much shape, and that it's just really going to be a one-liner, but I've just popped in to say I feel sick.

Very, very sick.

I'm quite sure noone in the world has had morning sickness like this before.

And if they have, they would be best to keep it to themself.

I costantly feel like throwing up or having food. The food eating calms my stomach from feeling like I'm on a boat. Then the food digests and the feeling returns.

And no, not just in the morning.

I have a beautiful butternut pumpkin in the kitchen waiting to be made in to soup, and if the good pregnancy fairies would just come and cook it for me I'm sure I'd feel much, much better.

This is the pregnancy fairy I would like to think...she came from this site

Scuse me, I'm off to feel sorry for myself over a bucket...

Monday, March 16, 2009

I am soooo tired.

I can't stay awake. Well, I can. I just would prefer to sleep, especially for a couple hours during the afternoon.

Yep, congratulations ladies and gentlemen, we are pregnant. With number two. Oh lordy, how much I forgot about our first trimester and the tiredness of it all...I'm not really feeling sick, unless nerves count, but I am craving, just as before, sausages, hamburgers and ham. It's terrible. I am trying very hard not to be tempted at all though. And trying to cut back on coffee. But who in god's name can cut back on coffee and work a 10hr day with four kids under two years old?!!!!

zzzzzzzzzzz anyone care to wake me in week 12?

The family don't know, only a couple of girlfriends, the significant other, and our doctor. And the planning in my head has already begun. If its a boy, we won't need to buy anything at all aside from nappies and cross the fingers my boobies work as well this time as they did the first, because then we won't need formula. If it's a girl, we won't really need to buy anything either, because I've plenty of friends' with girls who are lining up to give their stuff away to someone who did the same for them when they had thier little ones.

So that's my news, and my excuse, as to why I've been so absent of late. Please take it easy on me, and rub my back while I have a little rest.....

Monday, March 2, 2009

What a Beautiful Day!

The sun really is shining. The clouds really are fleeting. The kids aren't sleeping, but they are relaxing in their beds, so that will do! I am feeling inspired and very, very happy with my savings efforts this far.

I am determined to move some items around the house today, mainly to give myself room to sew and start to make items for xmas and presents for birthdays if I get enough stock up. I also would love, love, love to teach myself quilting and make them and bags to sell to people - just like this ....

That would make me very, very happy!


I'm so inspired by the blogs I've been following. I'm trying very hard to be a more ethical human being, and more gentle on the earth. Ever since joining Simple Savings( ) I have found myself surrounded (even only in cyber-world) by the most inspiring of ladies!

So I am getting the finances under control. So much so that I was able to permit myself to buy some new clothes on the weekend (because I'm sick of looking like a walking example of "oh judith, see! Thats what happens when you become a mother, look how she's let herself go") and I even managed to do it in both a second and a first hand way! Firstly, I scoured the local op shops and got a very nice new top and a fairly flattering skirt for only $3 a piece. Then I went 'sales' shopping and bought jeans, a top, and 2 dresses all for under $70. When I got home I delightedly added them to my walk in, and then re-addressed the issue of 'what I have'. I still would like to purchase some new tops, as I have quite a few skirts that are in more than reasonable condition but they just don't 'go' with any of my tops! So all being well I should still come under my budget!

Sorry, I know I'm rambling, but it's the first time in two years I've actually had money to spend entirely on myself! And then - and THEN - I counted up all my 'spare' pocket money, and I had $200 in change! How exciting is that?!!! So it's now re-invested and will be decided upon in the very near future!

I'm going to start planning my vegetable patch very soon. There are some 'rules' I must live by, as the family day care situation doesn't allow any plants that are poisonous at any stage, so once that's all figured out, and the savings are there, I'm chopping down some rather intrusive palm trees and getting them mulched and left here as my own mulch, and then putting down some 'no dig' beds. I'm planning on some of my pocket money going on a compost bin, but at the moment, with a German Shepherd and little children it's not an ideal situation! Any advice appreciated!

Ok, so have a lovely week, who ever is watching....