Saturday, March 21, 2009

I can't just keep eating....can I?

Hello lovely people. I'm sorry that this post is not taking much shape, and that it's just really going to be a one-liner, but I've just popped in to say I feel sick.

Very, very sick.

I'm quite sure noone in the world has had morning sickness like this before.

And if they have, they would be best to keep it to themself.

I costantly feel like throwing up or having food. The food eating calms my stomach from feeling like I'm on a boat. Then the food digests and the feeling returns.

And no, not just in the morning.

I have a beautiful butternut pumpkin in the kitchen waiting to be made in to soup, and if the good pregnancy fairies would just come and cook it for me I'm sure I'd feel much, much better.

This is the pregnancy fairy I would like to think...she came from this site

Scuse me, I'm off to feel sorry for myself over a bucket...

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