Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just another day...

Well how's the cyber world going today? Ticking along nicely I see!

In my world, there is a new addition to the garden family - a lemon tree! She was only $12 at the farmers' market last sunday and she's just so darn cute I can hardly wait. She's got one massive lemon on her, but I'm relatively sure I won't be harvesting it because of the unfortunate need for white oil to help with the leaf disease she had. But although I'll be foregoing that one lemon, she already looks a million bucks compared to before, and judging by the local gardening centre's prices I saved about 50% on buying her from the farmers' market!

I'm heading down there again tomorrow, and hopefully will find a nice chilli to add to the front potted managerie. I'm keen as mustard to get a little vegie/herb garden stock on my front verandah, as the regulations that I'm under in my home-based business stop me from growing a few things out the back, and the German Sheperd happily would take care of trampling the rest. So until something can be done about keeping the animals and the toddlers away from a vegie patch, I'm doing all I can.

Anyway, I'm just stopping by quickly before heading to to learn - somewhat- how to crochet! Have a nice lazy sunday everyone!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Training your braining

So it's been such a busy couple of weeks, instead of updating my blog I've been updating my sleep! We're in the middle of some sleep training with Ethan, who finally agreed to stay in his own bed last night, even if it was only because I hopped in as well, I don't care. I didn't stay in there, and as a result he woke every couple of hours and came and got me, but I did wake up without toddler size 8 feet on my head, so that was nice.

I've been taking on some personal challenges this month. The first is to declutter and organise the house for both when the baby comes and for before my sanity completely melts down! We do have a large house, but at the same time it's a 3bedroom 1bathroom jobbie, and storage is at a premium. So day by day I have been tackling things including finding no less than 4 nappy boxes full (by the time I packed them, that is) of clothes and shoes that no longer fit Ethan in his room. So I've been slowly doing those jobs, room by room taking away the things we haven't used in so long or that we no longer require. It's been quite spiritually cleansing, not to mention exciting!

I've been putting my crafty items to one side, and soon (when my hubby's home and I have a lifting person) my office will become a haven of self-indulgence! I will be able to take out my sewing machine full-time and actually practice using it. I like to trick myself in to thinking that one day I'll be as good at fancy work as my hubby's grandmother, but we'll see! I'm desperate to start trying out crochet, and even bought a hook, but somewhere between the op shop and home it went missing and I'm taking that (and the fact I still haven't finished my knitted blanket yet) as a sign that I should wait a bit until I've got some more time.

Anyway, just a shortie to let the cyber world know i'm still alive and kicking. And I hopefully will be back sooner rather than later, but man is my job list long now that there's only a little over 3 months to go until the new addition arrives!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Do I have a good life?

Do you enjoy your life every day? Do you find that you live in a utopia of amazing-ness where nothing ever needs dealing with because nothing ever goes wrong? Do you find that you are surrounded by people that agree with absolutely everything you say and do and never have a differing opinion or a different way of life?

I don't. I think life is managed, that it is more fun as a rollercoaster than it is as a slow boat ride with no waves, and I like it. I am not saying I am searching for drama to enhance my enjoyment of the moment. Quite the opposite in fact. I search for nirvana everyday, in normal activities like watching my son Ethan enjoy riding as fast as he can along the pavers, and watching our personal debt slow down to a trickle instead of a flood.

My friends, my true and beautiful friends know who I am, are not afraid to ask who I used to be, and are interested in who I intend to be in the future. We have differing opinions sometimes, we go long periods where we are all too busy to scratch, let alone share a coffee and chat. But my true friends, both that I've had for years, and those I've only met since Ethan came along, seem to take the ups and the downs with the same ebb and flow I do.

No one enjoys the downs, but most people have been there, no? They know how to support you and how to hold you up. They know to dance when you're re-awakened, and not jump on your headstone when you are down. These are the people, these lovely supportive and judgement-less people, that I dedicate my thoughts to today. I've had a shock this week, in hearing through a third party how terrible my life is according to someone I thought was at least a close acquantance. And I need to get over that, so thanks for the rant.