Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Training your braining

So it's been such a busy couple of weeks, instead of updating my blog I've been updating my sleep! We're in the middle of some sleep training with Ethan, who finally agreed to stay in his own bed last night, even if it was only because I hopped in as well, I don't care. I didn't stay in there, and as a result he woke every couple of hours and came and got me, but I did wake up without toddler size 8 feet on my head, so that was nice.

I've been taking on some personal challenges this month. The first is to declutter and organise the house for both when the baby comes and for before my sanity completely melts down! We do have a large house, but at the same time it's a 3bedroom 1bathroom jobbie, and storage is at a premium. So day by day I have been tackling things including finding no less than 4 nappy boxes full (by the time I packed them, that is) of clothes and shoes that no longer fit Ethan in his room. So I've been slowly doing those jobs, room by room taking away the things we haven't used in so long or that we no longer require. It's been quite spiritually cleansing, not to mention exciting!

I've been putting my crafty items to one side, and soon (when my hubby's home and I have a lifting person) my office will become a haven of self-indulgence! I will be able to take out my sewing machine full-time and actually practice using it. I like to trick myself in to thinking that one day I'll be as good at fancy work as my hubby's grandmother, but we'll see! I'm desperate to start trying out crochet, and even bought a hook, but somewhere between the op shop and home it went missing and I'm taking that (and the fact I still haven't finished my knitted blanket yet) as a sign that I should wait a bit until I've got some more time.

Anyway, just a shortie to let the cyber world know i'm still alive and kicking. And I hopefully will be back sooner rather than later, but man is my job list long now that there's only a little over 3 months to go until the new addition arrives!

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