Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just another day...

Well how's the cyber world going today? Ticking along nicely I see!

In my world, there is a new addition to the garden family - a lemon tree! She was only $12 at the farmers' market last sunday and she's just so darn cute I can hardly wait. She's got one massive lemon on her, but I'm relatively sure I won't be harvesting it because of the unfortunate need for white oil to help with the leaf disease she had. But although I'll be foregoing that one lemon, she already looks a million bucks compared to before, and judging by the local gardening centre's prices I saved about 50% on buying her from the farmers' market!

I'm heading down there again tomorrow, and hopefully will find a nice chilli to add to the front potted managerie. I'm keen as mustard to get a little vegie/herb garden stock on my front verandah, as the regulations that I'm under in my home-based business stop me from growing a few things out the back, and the German Sheperd happily would take care of trampling the rest. So until something can be done about keeping the animals and the toddlers away from a vegie patch, I'm doing all I can.

Anyway, I'm just stopping by quickly before heading to to learn - somewhat- how to crochet! Have a nice lazy sunday everyone!

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  1. Yay! I'd love a lemon tree, its on my wish list and prepping a spot for it is on my to do list


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