Monday, April 6, 2009

Feeling Unwell...

Today this little guy and I are having a day off. It's already 3pm, but so far we have achieved not much more than vaccuuming the floor and playing with a balloon...the deal was that I blew it up, handed it over, and he let it go. Much to his delight!

It's been such a lovely day spent together, doing nothing. So far we've watched tv, which we never do during the day, but the little guy has found a love for Elmo, so that was fun to dance to. Then we've drawn and done the dishes, then had some leftover soup for lunch, then had a nap (me too, I'm feeling very ordinary...). Since getting up he's eaten just about everything he can find, and seems to be in good spirits.

Our bio liners arrived today, so the Cushie Tushie nappies will be in full use as of tomorrow. We only bought a trial pack of 3 though, so hoping that I can alternate days of cloth and disposables until the baby beehinds arrive closer to the end of the month. But the transition is beginning!

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