Monday, October 26, 2009

The best things in life really are FREE!

Well, it's true. Look what I just got in the post from my beautiful Nan last week...

She is just a gem, my Nan. Every week, her and her friends go off garage saling. This is just the little booty that she has found so far - and the items are just beautiful. Two woolen jackets, with name brands, a couple of jumpsuits and the tiniest little dress! The plate and bowl are both Winnie the Pooh, immediately claimed by Ethan and I have to wash it three times a day for his snacks.

Garage Sale Finds from Nan!

Today I went to the op shop with Ethan on the way home from the library. The ladies that run it raise money for their local parishoner (excuse the spelling on that one possibly!) and also for the local Youth Emergency Accomodation Service. And guess what? It was One Dollar Day! The entire bounty in one shot

All I originally pulled in for was because I had a feeling that the $20 that my Nan sent me for my birthday would find good use in there. Well, was I right or what?!!! I spent $13. And I got about three gifts, as well as a sheet that is going to turn in to two sheets for Ethan, an outfit to put away for the baby, a tank top for me, a set of cups and saucers for Ethans playgroup, some beads and a 'special cup' for Ethan (his wording, not mine!), and a beautiful bedding set that I seriously don't think money could buy anymore! It is beautifully made, a bed throw and two pillowcases and I'll be making it beautify my ugly couch that needs a cover. Our bed will be too big, but I just knew if I didn't buy it I would kick myself big time!

Bedding Set

So my little adventure, sorry, Our little adventure, got me thinking about how Ethan and I have always op shopped. He knows that he's allowed to find a couple of 'special' things, and that so long as he behaves while hunting for them, and then tidies up after himself, he will recieve a special item or two, depending on how much money we have. He doesn't often throw tantrums in any shops (which I'm sure won't be the case forever!), but he certainly knows that the way to Mamma's purse isn't through throwing a hissy fit to get what he wants. Which is why I love op shopping with him. He is polite to the people, he helps me no end, and the staff are generally not at all precious about how he touches things, plays with toys, or tries to find things in the colour orange. They often also delight at his making them cakes and biscuits with the kitchen utensils as well - hey, he's a friendly guy!

I find op shopping to be the ultimate in thrifty-ness, because if a brand new item was available at a cheaper price, wouldn't you buy the cheaper one? It's also so much more fun looking for uniqueness among everyday items, and then taking those 'one off' items home to show them off! I hope you like the little items I found, because I certainly do! The bright pink trousers (Fred Bare brand) and the denim vest are brand new, and the white leggings, although home-made I'm sure, look to have never been worn. The little flower dish is going to be a gift for a friend for xmas, and so is the mini-milk jug if I can bare to part with it!

I hope you're enjoying your day's adventuring, where ever it may be. I have a feeling we'll be wrapping up our day with a trip to the creek over the road, seeing as though it's been raining a couple days. I don't often get to have a day of rain followed by a day of not going to check for frogs!

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