Monday, July 27, 2009

To go and discover new things...

Like where the heck is Susie Homemaker? I've been searching for her all week, and I just can't find my inner susie!

I've got a new project to start, as soon as my knitted baby blanket is finished. I'm going to try making my own dishcloths, using the time to learn new stitches along the way. But like I said, my inner susie is hiding most days, and I only find time to knit at night if I'm lucky! I got the idea from down--to--earth and am trying very hard not to beat myself up over my lack of time organisation. Right now, for instance, I really should be off and organising dinner, because I am making a lasagne and I like it to 'sit' for at least a couple of hours. I also would love to put on some biscuits for Ethan, who's been begging me for some all morning and is now asleep. His evil mother doesn't buy biscuits from the supermarket like other mums (actually, she doesn't buy alot of things that the other mums do, and he looks in their refrigerators with amazement when ever we visit our neighbours!), she makes them from scratch, and he seems to enjoy both the making and the eating processes!

I have a recipe for checker biscuits, which I'm pretty sure is from Delia Smiths book "Frugal Food" or "Destitute Gourmet", and I think they'd give him a real kick. I'm not a real big fan of lots of sugar, and without wanting to sound like a hippy mother on a soapbox screaming obscenities about additives, it sure is an ugly coincidence that every time Ethan puts something with a number in his tummy he turns in to a pretty hideous beast and can't stop himself but to have more, more, more mummy! I find that with homemade recipes at least, he might still want a few biscuits, but the only additives he's having are sugar, and usually coconut and maybe cocoa. They satisfy his newly found love of sweet things, and I know how long I can freeze the spares for and only give him access to a couple a day.

Any way, better go and try stir up my inner Susie Homemaker. The husband got home from work today, and lasagne is not just a favourite, but something he assures me that I do better than anyone who's ever made it on a camp worksite, so I better whip one up before he awakes from nightshift to find that Old Mother Hubbard has demonically possessed little Susie Homemaker and there's nothing for dinner!

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  1. Just a little lurk :) Where is this wonderful biscuit recipe?! Share, please!


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