Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh My Goodness!

I'm feeling like I've achieved nothing today. I mean, I started out well this weekend, I had my trusty list, which was being dilegently ticked off as I went, and then this morning after the the markets, it all fell in a heap.

I had to meet a friend for brunch. Which we were so late for it ended up as lunch. Which was so deliciously filling that when my son and I got home we eagerly slept off until 3pm! So I am only forgiving myself because I am, after all, 22 weeks pregnant and last night I only got about 5 hours sleep because I was up trying to sort out some fancy budget software until midnight. I decided to stick with my not-so-fancy pink diary after all that!

So since we got home this afternoon, or should I say got out of bed this afternoon, we have visited a neighbour and then came home and had dinner. I've had a bit of a go at housework, but with no playgroup tomorrow I can cross my fingers that I'll catch up a little bit in the morning, and honestly thank modern inventors for dishwashers, that has saved me time tonight and will save me more tomorrow!

So it's bound to be a busy week. My partner's home from work, and the week of fantastic self-indulgent holidaying around the house will begin! We find out more about the baby this week, hopefully, and I'm still tossing up whether to find out the sex or leave it as a surprise. Either way, it's bound to be a great week, and I hope you have a great week too.

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