Monday, September 14, 2009

The FIFO Life-O

Wow it's been a long morning...
After being home for a month, my partner went and flew back to work today. We've had a pretty long month, his grandmother passed away three weeks ago, and then just as we were readying him to return to work after the funeral he needed to go 'for a quick trip to the dentist'. He needed root canal work! So that meant another week off work, which bought him to another rostered week off.
So today our son is really feeling the pinch. After a whole 30 days with his dad, this morning he saw him off at the airport and knows that it will be another 'long time' before we see him again. It's hard on them both, because they miss eachother terribly.
But also I am tired, which is why I'm going to cut this short and go to bed.
Hope you are all enjoying your day and have your loved ones in your heart, if not in your home.

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