Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good Morning!

Well my new bedtime is working wonders. I've been in bed before 10, every night, and it has helped to promote a less sleep-deprived mummy. We've been up at about 6.30 am still, every day, and the days are going a lot better because of the level of alertness that I have gotten from just that extra hour of sleep at the beginning of the night!

There's not much to report this morning, but will try and check in a little later. We're busy with dr's appointments and visiting today, and hoping that we're going to have time for a little tidying up this afternoon when the rain clears. I cleaned all the dog-hair and dust and mud off the patio yesterday, and it took nearly 2hours for a good enough job that I was happy. Perils of owning a 35kg German Sheperd though, I guess!

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