Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Families...

We've been harbouring a storm here lately. My son Ethan, as you know, is well and truly in to his second year. I am starting to believe they shouldn't give the ages of children numbers, but that they should label the year instead, to remind you of what you're in for. I'd label this year the 'Year of Defiance and Self-Determination'. It's so strange that the behaviour that Ethan is presenting is so challenging, yet, to be honest, if he were a teen I'd be ecstatic at his level of independence!

Ethan is an adorable, wonderful little boy. He is incredibly confident, self-assured and aware of his surroundings, he's gentle with his sister, and social with his friends. He is also a tyrannical child, who is bossy, demanding, emotional and high maintainance. We often find we don't know which way the winds blowing with him, and it's just a constant battle of wills some days!

That's why I haven't blogged much these past couple of weeks. In the sleepy house of the newborn, we've also been tackling a 2 yr old that wakes up at 5am, has no gears in his energy levels, just a go and a stop button, and who is dealing with the new arrival of a little sister who I'm sure (to him), seems like she takes up all of mum and dad's time. So we're on the battlefront, trying to both set boundaries and also to nurture and love him as he is, and that's why I'm a bit absent. Hope you can forgive me, this might endure a while longer...!


  1. It Is super hard.
    I say God in his divine wisdom gave me my Son first to prepare me for my Third child and My Middle one to give me a Break!!! lol!!!

  2. Everyone needs to calm down all round. You are dealing with a CHILD not a small adult. So many mothers want their children to be perfect (quiet, docile, polite, sunny - ie. no trouble). Dont over-react - turn the tv off if its on and go out to the park. Make sure your son has no junk food - a good rountine and plenty of sleep. Be quiet around him and dont crab. It is very difficult when children get past the "cute" - its not so easy to deal with their emerging personalities.


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