Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why I Changed my Focus...

Sorry I have been absent a few days. Well, since thursday, I think.
The days are busier when the fella is home. We are more rushed, there is more to do, I guess - I hope, or otherwise I feel busier for no reason!
But I just wanted to say that since I started this change of focus, the way I see my kiddo's has really changed. I've begun looking for the positive in them, but I at first thought I would just find one thing a day - and now I find my brain competing with itself to figure out 'which awesome thing' to write about. It really has changed me from seeing all things as a struggle, to seeing 'most' things as awesome. As amazing parts of thier little personalities. I see what used to drive me nuts, as now being a sign of thier developmental milestones.
And honestly, I think everyone should try it, even if just for two days a week.

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  1. that's so great! i have been really feeling the need for something lately. i've even been thinking of making up some atheist kind of prayer ritual. i just need to stop, focus on goodness for some specified moments in my day. i am just altogether too ungrateful. and, when i take the time to enjoy and appreciate my kids, EVERYthing goes so much smoother.
    i can imagine it perfectly, but isn't it ironic that you have less time when your man is home?


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