Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Getting back up on the money train...

Ok, so years ago if you had have wanted to, I would have been all over a quantam physics conversation about manifesting your wildest dreams like a fly on crazy string. I really loved that stuff, loved reading peoples cards for them, loved actually doing a whole lot of writing for people about the things that 'came through' about them and how they could best go forward if that's what they wanted. And then I became an amazing bahhumbug on it when I attended a couple of psychic shows and met other volunteers who were a little too grabby-handed for my liking. It really stained my view, and I retreated and became a real bitchy-mc-whingerton on the whole money and spirit thing. I still have my cards, I still look at them and want to do a reading for myself, and for others if they'd ask, but I don't put it out there.

And then last december, I bought a copy of a book called Harmonic Wealth. I read the first 50 or so pages, desperately trying to find a way to keep our son in his school that I really like (and he loves) the philosophy of. Like a lightning bolt, the fella got a raise of exactly the amount of money needed to fund that school only about a week after I started reading it. And then guess what I did?

I put the book down.

I know right? What a complete dickhead. Why haven't I picked it up again? Why? I don't know. Fear of the possibilities is all I can think. I am amazingly, stupidly afraid of what could happen to me if I just pull my fingers out of my ears, stopped yelling "lalalalalala" out loud and just listened to my spirit.

If I can manifest greatness in to my own life - so far the outcomes from my previous efforts have been pretty damn good - then why do I stop myself? Seriously, I would want to headbutt someone if they were pissing and moaning about their own life the way I sometimes do, and then hear that They Know They Can Change It, and then they do nothing about it.

So here I stand, hat in hand and on my knees... I am going to concentrate on the following parts of my life, and when they come up and change, I am going to be grateful.

  • I'm going to manifest time for myself, including a babysitter for my kids on a weekly basis, and time for reflection/meditation/journal writing each night
  • I'm going to manifest good health and weightloss for myself, including time each day to take the kids for a walk so they can't outrun their mama no more
  • I'm going to manifest wealth, real monetary wealth, in to our home by spending on the stuff that we need and investing in quality items
  • I'm going to manifest time here, on my blog, to both celebrate and share my angst about my goals and achievements
  • And finally, I'm going to manifest time to get back in to reading those cards and writing it all down for other people, because it was something I used to love.
So that's the start of it. This blog is going to be my journal, at least periodically, with the beauty of screaming in to the cyber world, I'll feel heard, and funnily enough, not violated about it.

Ok, boots on metaphorically speaking. It's time to dig that book back out and go get me some motivation!

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  1. That sounds like a good plan, i'll think good thoughts your way for an extra boost:)
    & i would love my cards read if you have the time.


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