Friday, May 7, 2010

Early Morning Wake Up...

Well, my babies are asleep. Well, he is, and I can hear her stirring on the other side of the wall in front of me. I just thought I'd pop in this morning, even though it's 5am, and say I've been busy, with raising and creating, worshipping a cartoon called DirtGirl, planting daffodil bulbs, knitting and learning to crochet. I'm a committed knitter now folks! Although it's a comical journey, as I have only made one jumper for Ethan that got immediately handed down to Alice!

Ok, so now she is really awake and I've just changed and dressed her while that photo was loading. Time to really hit the deck now, and do the normal household stuff that seems to await a mother every day - a load of washing is now already in, there's breakfast to be made (maybe french toast this morning...?), and we're off to the library at a much more decent hour!

Have a nice weekend folks.

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  1. My Kids too are addicted to Dirtgirl world and even love the online free game.


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