Friday, April 30, 2010

Nooo, I haven't forgotten I'm taking up valuable blog space!

I have had next-to-no-time for myself in the last few months. Seriously. I mean, I do sit of a night time and stitch my latest knitting project, and I have been attending a local knitting group and learning new things, so it's not like I'm under some new communist regime that does not allow me any kind of personal time, but the chances to just sit, blog about the world around me, and amaze my self with all the beautiful blogs out there has been very, very limited. It started to eat away at me a little, because I am also someone who likes having a relatively normal-looking home, and not one that the State Emergency Service might mistake for being hit by a hurricane. But a few things have had to go, and some of the housework remaining undone for a lot of the time has been one of those things.

Before I completely lost my noodle and threw myself in the nearest lake, I reached out for help and well, by god's grace, it was there. The people that helped me don't really know what they have done for the most part, but I'm still here, my kids are still happy, healthy and thriving, and for the most part the only thing missing was the sense of community I used to have the belief in.

I find it a bit of a shame that there isn't a sense of 'community' any more in the society I live in. I'm in a suburb that looks, for all intents and purposes, like we'd all know each other and maybe even take each other's kids to school. But no. I'm surrounded by Modern Mums. The gym-attending, fake-tanning, shops-for-entertainment women who are quite literally never home. I should clarify that these mums are also lovely people, with the same genuinely gorgeous intentions that the generations before them had for their children too, but I've just begun to notice that it seems like my generation, that is the X's and a few of the early Y's, have lost their love of the art of homemaking. I think that most of us aim for the catalogue look in our homes as well as in our actual lives, and it's a true shame.

But anyway, I digress...! I have actually been blessed with a whole hour by myself, because the fairies, angels or what ever other dieties there are that are in charge of my world continuing to spin must have met and had a sit down, ensuring that the roast is already in the oven, the partner is home and taking the son out while the daughter is having a very well rested sleep. So I thought I would pop in on here, let who ever is out there in cyber world looking over my fence know that I am still alive and to say 'hi'. Hope you're all doing well too - don't be shy in telling me so.

So, if anyone out there IS still reading this blithering mad babble of a woman finally alone, please feel free to tell me what it's like in your community? Maybe I'll move there, if it's friendly enough!

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