Saturday, April 14, 2012

Park Days without Perfection....

We had a seriously awesome day today.  This morning, we all woke up after a rough night of the fella's sleeping in the lounge room together after their movie night, and Alice woke at about 4.30am and found out.  To get her to go immediately to her 'resting so I won't lose my poo' mode, I let her sleep with me in my bed.

I've never slept with a 12 kilogram cat before, but I can tell you it would have to have been more comfortable!  That poor girl tossed and turned, and found me (what seemed like) every couple of minutes.  She hadn't ever slept in my bed before, which some attachment parenting gurus might be extraordinarily stressed about, but she has just never been a co-sleeper.  This was borne out of complete two year old realisation that her brother was getting something that she hadn't!

So where was I?   Oh, that's right - a rough night, and an early morning.  So what's the remedy for that?  A day out at the park!!!  There is an awesomely fantabulouso park in the middle of a place called Kings Park in Perth called Synergy Parkland.  We met up there with a girlfriend who I hadn't seen for a long, long time.  She has four kids, and her parents, who are full on adorable, were with her as well.  They are on their yearly holiday together, and we all decided a sausage sizzle at the park was a great idea.

So it was sausages in bread with sauce, sliced potato and mushrooms for everyone.  There was football being kicked around by all six kids, running, playing and having an awesome fun.  Four hours went by of playing and we decided it was time.

No planning, no pictures (that one is from an older trip!), no perfectionism.  Just the trip.  And it was a great day!

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