Monday, January 23, 2012

Where have we been?!

These pictures are likely all backward, sideward, and upsidey the timeline.  I don't care.  It's holidays.  And both of my little lovelies are and have been pretty consistently unwell over the last four or six weeks, so I need - and want - to remind myself very muchly of their happy faces over the holidays, as days grew and blew out to be hours at parks, or resting at home, and enjoying and learning to play nicely with each other (thank god, it's been a long two years!).

The park near our home is only about a ten minute walk away, and we've only been once - can you believe that?  Sounds like I've been amazingly slack, and I probably have.  Ethan has had pnuemonia, gastro, and now our doc thinks he may have a secondary pnuemonic infection  so he's back to resting and some anti biotics to try and clear it all up.  But those two pics were taken about a week ago, on a beautiful, clear morning, when the glass bottles of water had stayed cool and the fella and I took a while to take them out and let them run, then rest, then run again...

These are the mutant tomatoes we've grown!  I could barely believe my luck when I went out to my (mostly abused and abandoned) vegie patch (and I use the term vegie patch very lightly!) and found the most amazing mutant wild tomato plant.  It's been kicking on since November, with most days until recently seeing us get about 4-6 of those beauties for our meals.  It sits not too far from our spinach-that-never-says-die.  And I recently put in a mulberry tree, and relocated a lemon tree to it also.  Our bedroom window is on the road, and I would just love to have a bit of a screen for the bricks on that north side of the house.  I must be careful to not let the trees get too tall though, as it's also where our solar panels are!  (did I even mention we had them installed?  We did- and straight away they're fighting our bill- it's BRILLIANT!)

 I've been making.  A lot.  This is an Olearia short sleeved cardigan, by Georgie Hallam in a Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton in Blush.  I love Georgie Hallam's patterns - easy, simple, and usually seamless!  Perfect for the beginner, fancy and beautiful when finished and most gorgeous!  Her patterns can be found on - if you knit, or want to learn, Go There, Register and you will Know How!  It's just so good.

 More making - a pair of pj's for Alice.  I intended to sell these, but they look just too cute!

Two pairs of pants that I did sell - which I'm very proud of!

And the toys/pillows I made the kids.  Same colouring, so as to not have anyone have a hissy fit over who's got the best colour.  They worked a treat, and were just in time for christmas.

But most mornings are spent like this.  Waking slowly, watching the wiggles or Charlie and Lola, and eating breakfast and playing.  I gave up on the guilt of letting the kids watch hours of tv a day weeks ago, when Ethan was very unwell, and figured that they do a lot of 'other' stuff and deserve to relax how they'd like.  And the minute I stopped struggling with myself about it, and discussed with Ethan the importance of not 'just' watching tv but also playing, and building, and reading together, a lot of the mother guilt melted away.  I'm sure it'll be back, at some point, but for now, it's pretty at bay!

Hope your holidays have been good.  If not productive, brag-worthy and shiny when you finish holidays and return to school runs and the like, then at the very least relaxing!


  1. Good to see your back, you were missed! :)

  2. Poor Ethan. Sick kids are so sad. I hope he gets better soon.

    Those pirate pants are too freaking adorable!

    Congratulations on your tomatoes. I'm going to try my green thumb again this year and I hope I do half as well as that.

  3. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment, I hope the sores heel fast and good luck with the pjs, I just made 2 more pairs, I love saving money by making them.


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