Friday, October 8, 2010

Since July? Where've I been?!

Well I'm sorry, invisible people who are probably never visiting this place. I've been absent. Not absent of body, but absent of time. I've been doing what a lot of other mama's out there are doing and actually 'being' with my children and not turning on the computer a hell of a lot. It's been hard, actually, to find the time. I've been really wanting to, needing to, scream in to the nothingness that is this bottomless pit called the internet, but just thought I'd leave it.

But I'm back. For the moment anyway.

The monkeys are fine, with one learning to wriggle around on her bum and the other one learning how hard it is when you can no longer get everyone's undivided attention one hundred percent of the time. We've been doing lots of new stuff - building vegie patches, planting fruit trees and a grape vine, cleaning and decluttering and having loads of picnics. Outdoors is the place to be!

So I thought I'd drop a pin in the ocean and see if anybody is still out there, reading and blogging and wishing and hoping and dreaming....

We're dreaming of holidays at the moment. Nice, long holidays with a daddy that is home and yummy summer food and great summer company....

Bring It On!

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  1. Sounds like your hopes are also what I am looking forward to!
    Things are always better when Daddys home here and I no longer have to be a Married-single Mum! LOl!!!


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