Monday, June 28, 2010

Fer Cryin' Out Louwd!

I am never winning Mother of the Year. Let us just make that decree.

I have now just got to the end of the fortnight, the fella is home again (although sleeping off nightshift) and I cannot wait until tomorrow morning. I know I know, wishing my life away is not just making it go faster, but it's making me miss some pretty good bits too, but faaaaark it is a long 14 days when he is away sometimes.

The kids have been sick. A high temp and awfully cruel cough for nearly 10 days for Ethan, which luckily translated only to a cough and snotty nose for Alice. But these last few days, with a snotty babe that can't breathe properly and wakes herself in the night, and with a hyper 3yr old that likes waking with the sun, have really worn me down.

So tomorrow morning I shall have the sweet, sweet bliss of being able to get a spare pair of hands to help, and I cannot wait.

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