Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oh-Ah Friday....blow out!

Well I'm hoping on the one hand I have a secret following of thousands that showed up here on friday dyyyying to see our new lounge room....but in reality I know that the only people I disappointed was myself and the fella!

We finally got everything back in to the room last night, as it's all painted and we hired a carpet cleaner, and the room looks freakin' great (except a couple of the cracks are already resurfacing, the fella wishes he'd taken more time and sanded and reapplied plaster more delicately) in my opinion! I was going to buy some curtains, but after looking at the prices of ready-mades, I'm going to put those rather expensive sewing lessons to good use and make our own. I like that it's nearly change of season again, so shops will be cutting the prices of last year's fabric to create that fear amongst home makers that they must update with the brand new stuff, so hopefully I will be able to grab some fabric that is "soooo last year" for really cheap. But then again, I know me, and I know that until it is really cheap, I won't buy anything!

Ok, so there are no piccies yet, but I proooomise I am thinking about it!

Hope you've had a great weekend...

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